April  26,27  2019

                                                                                                                      The Colorado Chapter of Palatines to America and
                                                                  The Western History/Genealogy Department of the Denver Public Library
                                                                    Present their Spring German Genealogy Seminar and Book Fair Featurimg 

                                                                                                                               GAIL SHAFFER BLANKENAU      

                                                                                      F riday afternoon, April 26, 2019 and Saturday all day, April 27, 2019 
I                                                                                           i n the B-2 Conference Room of the Central Denver Public Library
                                                                                             10 West 14th Avenue, Denver, CO

1:00pm                  Registration and Book Fair

               NOTE:  There is NO FEE if you are attending ONLY this session, but please complete the                registration form   on the back of this flyer as seating is limited. 

1:30om                  Opening remarks and Welcome from the Denver Public Library 

1:45pm  “Who is Hiding in Your Drawer?  Date and Identify 19th Century Photographs”

               You will learn how to bring your ancestral images into focus with power combinations of image, type,       fashions, photographer’s marks, family trees and resemblances.  These techniques can     help you to     recover the identity of those intriguing faces from the past.                        

2:45pm                  Take a break, have a snack, and visit the Book Fair 

3:00pm                  A Denver Public Library staff member will discuss the library’s photographic archival holdings                available for historical and genealogical research. 

4:00pm                  Time for any additional questions.

9:30am                  Registration and Book Fair

10:00am                Opening remarks and Welcome from the Denver Public Library 

10:15am               “Finding Your Germanic Ancestral Hometown”

               To make progress in our family history, we need to explore our heritage back in the “old country” by first    finding the specific town of origin.  We will look at examples of home sources, county histories, censuses,             obituaries, immigration & emigration records, naturalization records, wills & probates to find our ancestor’s               home town, plus see how using kinship and association records and other tools will help in this quest. 

11:15am                Take a break, get a snack, and visit the Book Fair. 

11:30am “             Deciphering German Script”

               German parish registers are an indispensable resource in German genealogy.  Yet , many of us hesitate because of the difficulties in reading German script.  You can train yourself to read and interpret enough of    the records to make substantial progress on your genealogy.  We will explore tools, tips, and ways of     deciphering those problem words.
12:15pm-1:15pm                 Lunch on your own—at a nearby restaurant or with a bag lunch.                                                                                                                                  Beverages and snacks will also be provided.  Visit the Book Fair. 

1:15pm                 The annual meeting for CO-PALAM members will be held to discuss and vote on the budget and  any                                                 other  matters that need attention. 

1:30pm   “Peopling the Prairies:  Settling America’s Heartland”

               We will explore the peoples who undertook a great migration into the heart of America from frontier days into the 20th century, with an emphasis on the German-speaking migrants. Using case studies, we will find new     perspectives to our understanding on how and why these people came to inhabit the Great Plains, including    eastern Colorado and Nebraska. 

2:30pm                  Take a break, get a snack, and make a final visit to the Book Fair.

2:45pm                  Final announcements and last door prizes. 

3:00pm   “A Frontier Odyssey:  Marriages, Murder, and Vigilantes”

               Borderlands were often places of social fluidity.  In the context of changing borders, moving frontiers,                territorial issues, and waves of settlement, borderland settlers and their multiple migrations present              interesting research challenges.  The dramatic story of Colorado pioneer Harriet Gilbert Baker and her            family has a complex range of issues, records, and approaches.  

4:00pm                  Time for additional questions, and thanks for coming!


                Gail Shaffer Blankenau is a professional genealogist, speaker, and author, specializing in Germanic genealogy, Midwestern and Nebraska roots, as well as lineage research.  She first became interested in family history upon finding and labeling old photographs in the family attic. From Salt Lake City, to Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, and Germany, Gail has researched repositories large and small.  Her own roots are from almost every state east of the Mississippi, while her husband’s family is German.  Besides performing private client research, Gail enjoys speaking and writing about genealogy.  Her articles have appeared in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, The Genealogist, The National Genealogical Society Magazine, Family Chronicle, Internet Genealogy, The Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly, and Nebraska Ancestree. Gail will also be a speaker at the International German Genealogical Partnership (IGGP) Conference being held in Sacramento, CA, on June 17-19, 2019.

 As noted above, the FRIDAY seminar is FREE.  The cost of the Saturday Seminar is $35.00.  Those who register for the Saturday Seminar by April 1st will be entered into a drawing to have lunch with Ms. Blankenau.


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Make your check (no credit cards) payable to CO-PALAM, and mail it and the registration form to

               Yvonne Schaefer, 3845 Brushland Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80904


Questions:  Contact  Yvonne by email: kc3845@gmail.com or phone: 719-477-1018

               --or--       Jean West by email: jgopack@gmail.com or phone: 303-736-2697